UDA members can enjoy Nestle Waters commercial water service, delivered and set up in your office, at an unbelievable discount! Nestle is offering UDA members a generous savings of up to 60% on bottled water and cooler stands or up to 26% on their reverse osmosis equipment.

You are in control with Nestle Waters service. Choose the water brand, the size of water you want (from a 16 oz single serve bottle to a 5 gallon bottle), the type of water you want (spring, purified or distilled), the dispensing equipment that suits your setting, and whether you want it at room temperature, hot or cold. Nestle will deliver it conveniently within your hours of operation, with no hassle to you!

The best part is the price. For a mere $4, you can have a 5 gallon bottle of water delivered to your office, with no extra delivery charge. You couldn’t beat this even if you bought the water at discount store and transported the bottles yourself! Not only that, but Nestle is also waiving the water deposit requirement for UDA members. It just gets better and better!

If you are ready to start getting fresh, pure, natural water from a source you trust, sign up today! And if you already have water service, check the numbers. You may be able to save more money with Nestle. If you are currently purchasing water from Nestle, and are a UDA member, we can convert you to this agreement pricing.

Nestle Waters Home Service

Great news! You can also save big on your personal expenses while enjoying delicious fresh water with Nestle Waters home service. This service is being offered at savings of 25% off retail for employees. Nestle will deliver a three bottle set of the water product of your choice for a flat rate of $20.99 a month, including FREE cooler rental (a $11-$14 per month value). Check back soon for the upcoming details on this service!

Visit the UDA member’s section to find out more about the pricing and contact info for Nestle Waters. Nestle Waters representatives can answer questions and help determine which options are right for your work setting. Nestle Waters does have geographical limits to its service area, so please download the Service Zip Code in the Documents section to ensure your area is serviced.