Save 30% or More on First-Quality Rotary Instruments from a Trusted Manufacturer!

UDA is pleased to announce a new partnership with Strauss Diamond Instruments – a manufacturer of high quality burs, diamonds and polishers since 1970. You may not have heard of Strauss before, but more than likely, you have already used their products.

Until now, Strauss manufactured their dental products and allowed them to be sold by major dental distributors under private labels. They have provided top-quality goods, used nationwide by dental professionals, for the last 40 years. Now, through a special deal with UDA, Strauss is offering it’s first quality dental products to UDA members at an amazing 30-60% discount!

As a demonstration of their commitment to ongoing quality and excellence, Strauss products have been thoroughly tested and reviewed by the Dental Advisor, Clinicians Report, and Lab Management Today, and received very high marks for both quality and efficacy. But don’t take our word for it, you can see these reviews for yourself in the UDA member section of this site or talk to a Strauss representative for more information.

As a UDA member, you have immediate access to this partnership agreement and no enrollment is required. The Strauss Catalog for UDA members can be downloaded from the UDA member section.

PLEASE NOTE: Strauss is offering UDA members an additional discount below their exceptional retail market prices, as listed in the catalog, so be sure and identify yourself as a UDA member to receive your discount. Also, please help us spread the word by telling your friends and colleagues about this offer, because the more products the UDA group purchases, the greater the discounts will become– for all members!

If you have any questions about this agreement or how to access UDA business partner information, call UDA at 1-800-768-2715, ext 101.

To contact Strauss directly, call 1-800-982-9641 or visit the Strauss page within the UDA member section for more details.

Strauss offers a full line of Diamonds, Carbide burs and polishers.