Do you feel like you are being nickeled and dimed to death by your current credit card processing company? The truth is you probably are.

UDA would like to help you change all of that right now. We have formed an exciting new partnership with Midland Merchant Services, a credit card processing company that offers affordable service using the transactional approach to credit card processing. This simply means that you are going to save a whole lot of money!

Why Midland Merchant Services over the hundreds of other companies?

Most credit card companies use one of three models to assess fees:

  1. The bucket approach-accumulates transactions into “buckets” and adds a fee based on bucket revenue.
  2. The fixed percentage approach-adds a fixed percent to the revenue of each transaction.
  3. The transaction model-charges by the number of transactions, not the dollar amount.

As you can easily see, for practices that process high-dollar sales (and that is most of you), the Transaction Model is hands-down the most cost-effective model.

Midland Merchant Services uses the transactional model, so you always get the best price on credit card processing. They offer:

  • The best rate on credit card processing at the actual credit card interchange rate
  • a simple, low, fixed monthly management fee to cover their expense
  • NO statement fees
  • NO security fees
  • NO access fees
  • NO other hidden charges
  • NO charges based on the dollar volume of the transaction

If your practice has a large number of transactions or high average dollar charges, Midland Merchant Services can reduce your costs by 25-30%.

See the savings for yourself!

Right now, Midland Merchant Services is offering UDA members a FREE side-by-side cost comparison with their current credit card processing company. Visit the Midland Merchant Services page within the UDA member’s section {} to find out just how much you can save!

4 More Ways to Save on Credit Card Processing:

1. Do not lease your credit card processing equipment, always purchase it. Leasing will cost you 3-4 times what the equipment is worth.

2. Always seek credit card processing service from a direct processor. Other intermediaries, such as banks, will place you with a service provider and assess additional fees.

3. When taking payment from patients, ask for debit cards. These are the least expensive form of plastic payment (less than 1.0%).

4. Check with your credit card processor to make sure the security protocols on your processing equipment (card swipe machines) are up-to-date. Additional charges can be assessed by Master Card & Visa if they are not.