UDA Helps Busy Dental Practices Streamline Purchasing and Save Thousands


CASE STUDY: UDA Helps Busy Dental Practice Streamline Purchasing and Save Thousands

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Melly Moody is a savvy professional who knows the ins and outs of dental practices. She is currently the Dental Assistant for the office of Dr. Rosa C. Lopez in Dallas. Moody’s role at this thriving practice includes responsibility for selection and purchasing of all supplies, ranging from patient care items to computer equipment.

“I know what it’s like to run the front office and the back office. I also know that supplies are a huge expense and if they’re not watched carefully, costs can quickly get out of control.” But when Moody was informed by Dr. Lopez that the practice had joined UDA, she didn’t know what to expect.

“I was aware of the idea of group purchasing in the health care industry, but had never heard of a similar concept in dentistry,” notes Moody. “When I met with Chick Cowan from the UDA and he explained that I could save up to 40% on supplies, it got my attention.” As Moody explored UDA’s list of vendor partners and the discounts offered for members, she quickly realized that there were many opportunities to save. She began using UDA member discounts for office needs from Staples and patient care items from Darby.

Big savings on a big-ticket item

In a matter of just two months, Moody estimates that UDA membership saved the practice at least $2000 on supplies. She says, “There’s nothing like being able to go to your boss and show them how much money you are helping them save.”

So when Moody was tasked with making a very large computer purchase, she also tapped her UDA membership. She had previously received a quote from an existing vendor, but decided to get one for the same product from Pact-One, a UDA partner. When the quote came in, “I was floored,” says Moody. “The difference in price between Pact-One and the other vendor was approximately $10,000 for the exact same equipment.”

Peace of mind through pre-screened suppliers

Because UDA partners with carefully selected vendors and service providers, Moody is saving more than just money—she is also freeing up valuable time that was previously spent investigating product details and comparing costs. “UDA takes care of all the research that I would have had to do to get the best pricing,” she says. “I know that if a supplier is in the UDA program, I can trust them and I’m going to get the best deal available.” UDA and many of its partners offer members complimentary cost comparisons to analyze current purchasing and identify potential areas to save.

Boosting the bottom line for the long term

Moody anticipates that she will continue to build on the time and money savings she has already gained with UDA membership. She says, “Having a program like this makes my life so much easier. I look at all of these supplies I’ve purchased and realize that I’m still way under my budget…it’s crazy!” She concludes, “At the end of the day, dentists want to know that they’re saving money but not having to compromise on the quality of supplies they’re using. UDA helps makes that happen for us.”