Understanding Your Practice Business Has Never Been So Easy

A new partner has joined UDA offering our members great value! Understanding Your Practice Business Has Never Been So Easy . . . .

Practice Analytics is a real-time performance management tool designed to help monitor and diagnose the business health of your dental practice, simplifying your ability to manage what’s happening in your practice by identifying and tracking your key business drivers. Doctors, managers and staff can now quickly identify how they are performing using a real-time, cloud-based dashboard. Diving deeper into specific measurements will uncover targeted action steps, leading to significant improvements throughout the practice.

MEASURE: Practice Analytics shows you what you should measure. Every member of your team has a measurable responsibility to the practice.

ACT: Identify the patients behind production opportunities to take immediate and effective action for improved production.

SIMPLIFY: Understanding your practice has never been easier. Practice Analytics simplifies your ability to manage the key drivers of your business.

DIAGNOSE: Quickly identify areas of opportunity with easy-to-use, customizable gauges focused on the key drivers of the practice.

EMPOWER: Provide the information that matters to your team so they can drive the incremental production growth at the practice level.

Practice Analytics is offering our members a significant discount and they will waive the set-up fee.